About the company

A historical leader in the production of furniture of design, Vitra is committed to develop smart, top quality solutions for the house, office, outdoor and public spaces. The products and concepts are conceived in Switzerland, through a diligent project development process combining the company engineering excellence with the creative genius of world-renowned designers.

For the outdoor Vitra proposes innovative solutions and materials ensuring maximum durability and resistance to time and atmospheric agents. For over 50 years Vitra has been developing innovative, functional and eye-catchy pieces of furniture for the office. In the office furniture domain Vitra continuously seeks solutions for modern and open-plan offices where to communicate and exchange ideas and projects to the best. For what the furniture for public spaces is concerned, this represents an opportunity for Vitra to show the positive impact of design in every environment, including airports, libraries, school buildings, public offices, offices, hospitals, restaurants and hotels. .

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