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Since 1977 the WESEM company has provided lighting for agricultural machinery and vehicles. The high quality of WESEM’s lamps is guaranteed by a qualified staff of specialists, a modern machinery park, the R&D department and a fully equipped measurement and testing laboratory.

WESEM’s products, designed and produced in Poland, successfully combine modern design trends with the latest technical solutions. That is why the products have been present on European, Asian and American markets for years. Moreover, an excellent proportion between quality and price causes that WESEM’s lamps are used by numerous OEM manufacturers as well as by wholesalers of spare parts from many corners of the world. Traditionally, the WESEM company places emphasis on its customers’ needs. Flexibility andinnovation help the company to meet even the most complex equirements of its clients. Dedicated products are created for both regular and new customers. Lighting for agricultural machineryThe most popular products in WESEM's offering for the agricultural sector include LED working lamps LED CRV1, LED-FF, CRV2, CRK2, CRC5. The manufacturer also regularly launches new products. Given the difficult conditions in which tractors and farming machines have to operate, selection of lighting needs to take into account such product features that guarantee lamp reliability. The parameters that characterize well designed and manufactured LED products are very long maximum useful life and high energy efficiency. The Polish manufacturer has gained significant advantage in this respect. WESEM lamps feature a working life of 30 000 hours of continuous service (which is equivalent to 3 years of non-stop operation). On the other hand, high energy efficiency means that a lamp will be operational for years without light quality being compromised. The products incorporate solutions that were developed in response to issues faced by farmers during field operations:• the risk that the lamp will go out during service disappears – LEDs are marked by a much longer service life than conventional light bulbs,• using the wiring that supported halogen lamps, LED lamps produce much more light in colours much more friendly to the human eye,• clamps do not corrode as they do in other products, the lamps are dust- and water-proof, so the user can rest assured of their robustness and reliability,• lamps do not yield to mechanical damage, are resistant to vibrations and can operate in harsh conditions,• the product has been so designed as to cause no interruptions in radio transmission. All the lamps are designed and manufactured in Poland and at each production stage inspections are conducted in accordance with the company's ISO 9001:2015 quality system. The Company makes great efforts to ensure the quality, long service life and robustness of its products. The lamps are very popular among vehicle manufacturers and retail customers around the world. If you buy a WESEM lamp, you can rest assured that your lamp will operate for years to come. We invite you to cooperate with us!.

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