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I. M.

M. Hydraulics is, for over of 30 years, leader in manufacturing of high quality hose, fittings and accessories. With five manufacturing sites located in Europe. I. M. M. is part of Interpump group Through investment from the Interpump Group into the hydraulics market, various manufacture and product brands were acquired, creating a single source offering to the market place for all of its fluid transfer needs. Interpump Fluid Solutions was created to encompass all of these manufacturers into a one source provider of certified and compatible hydraulic hose, fittings, machines and accessories. Manufactured in Europe and distributed through our network of branches in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, United Kingdom and the U. S. Interpump Fluid Solutions currently incorporates 3 manufacture and product brands including Hypress, Hydralok and GS-Hydro. .

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