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In 1979, Atmaca Elektronik A. Ş.

was incorporated into the commercial life as a personal initiative by its founder Hayrettin Atmaca, and it was registered on the list of tax recorders in a short time. Goshawk Electronics Inc. , small appliances that perform under SUNNY brand name, television, satellite receiver, phone, thanks to the production of electronic products and freezer group such as a tablet is seated on Turkey's 3rd Largest Electronics Manufacturer seat. SUNNY has a production area of 110,000 square meters in Istanbul and equipped with high technology. There needs to respond to the high level with the most modern surface mount production lines in Turkey. Brand; Samsung, ZTE, and continues to provide services to the world's leading companies, such as Turkey's Digiturk. The brand, which continues to grow day by day in the domestic market, is also known for the importance it attaches to exports. Atmaca Electronics Inc. has already achieved great success in this field by exporting its products to 78 countries. Importance of R & D Today, consumer expectations are constantly developing and renewed. Atmaca Electronics Inc. In order to meet these expectations, the R & D department continuously develops new projects and produces LED TVs from 48 screens to 218 screens in its electronics group. Atmaca Elektronik A. Ş. The system, which is designed with the principle of Once Piece Flow and uses fully automated robotic technology; SUNNY Esfera and SUNNY Cascada offer vacuum cleaners as superior products to consumers. Customer Satisfaction SUNNY attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and increased its investments in this field by adopting the total quality management approach with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System it established in 2007. SUNNY is advancing confidently towards the goal of unconditional customer satisfaction with its expert customer relations personnel and more than 500 after-sales service centers throughout the country. Environmentally Friendly Brand Having adopted ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate as of 2011, SUNNY acts with the awareness of its responsibilities towards the environment and complies with all legal requirements. In addition, in 2013, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificate has identified and controlled the risks throughout the company. Employment and Respect for Employees Turkey's third-largest "domestic" Electronics Inc. is a manufacturer of a hawk; the importance given to employment, human belief in the country, 38-year production-marketing experience, thousands of employees, millions of happy customers is one of Turkey's leading manufacturers with respect to social responsibility and ethical values. .

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