About the company

Since 1988 . .

. Petek Plastik started production with two small machines of Mehmet Ali ÖZTÜRK and Zeynel Abidin DALAKLI. Since its establishment, it has reached the highest levels of quality and hygiene standards in the plastic blowing sector in line with its targets for development without compromising on quality and service. Our company, which has been producing packaging for cologne and cosmetics sector until 1998, has invested "coex" and "pet machines" in this country by preparing its infrastructure at the level of advanced technology in the light of total quality philosophy. "Coex", the pinnacle of the plastic blowing industry; It consists of three layers and the polyamide used in the lowest layer ensures the liquid to be healthy and has long shelf life. The product has become indispensable to the pesticide industry due to its minimized oxygen permeability. In our facilities, from 50 cc to 30 lt "coex" bottles, caps are also produced thanks to the plastic injection track. We provide service with our future-oriented studies, over 400 product types, the trust of our customers and over 30 years of industry experience in the plastic packaging of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, which our industry is focused on with precision. We are with our customers with our modern management approach, strong and high quality machinery and experienced staff. Our goal is to provide the best quality and economic products to the Turkish plastics industry in line with the developing technology with a team spirit aiming for continuous development and success. Everything thanks to your trust . . .

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