About the company

The gallery and offices of the holding and Juerg Siegrist AG are in the middle of the painting exhibition in Aarwangen, Switzerland. We do all kinds of complex graphic studies up to 3D design and production templates.

Try us - contact us! Jüğ Siegrist is an expert in personalized products, promotional products and textile ads. Whenever some things go wrong, it is usually sought. For this reason, the customer -specific production and promotional products in the world of "miracle man" is also called. In particular, international companies attach great importance to emphasizing their corporate identities. Jürg Siegrist guarantees this whether the object is a ballpoint pen or a bath towel or a textile collection. Thousands of special designs and references made over the years confirm this. I'm ready to take all responsibility. With my new company, I can participate in myself and finance new projects. I have time for you. .