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The Safandarley brand stems from 2012, when Safan and Darley brands were combined.Thanks to its rich history, Safan B.V.and Darley B.V. has the necessary experience to operate in the most operational of the sheet metal processing market. Safan B.V. was established in 1960 as a source pool of 5 Dutch in the field of machines and instruments in the sheet processing end.It was Wila from Locem, the driving in the development of the most important and the development of the most important and safan.Since 1932, this company has been accustomed to the work of the sheer of the sheet metal processing. Darley B.V. was founded as a machine factory in 1934 as a machine factory, then as a supply of the state mines at that time and after 1957, it began to specialize in hydraulic sheet processing machines. Innovation & Ccedil; Since then, both companies have recorded moist milestones and patents.Darley has not provided a position with its high quality hydraulic press brakes, but also the market leader in cathode processing end of cathode. In 1995, Safan held one of the most important patents in the sheet metal processing end: the Servo Electronic Service of the E-Fren Printing Brake.This valuable electronic printing brake caused an e-viscitment of the sheet metal processing end.The increasing demand in the international market enabled the LoChem facility to expand in the most important. Safandarley B.V. was established in 2013 as a sales and service organization.& Uuml; & ccedil;The company is approximately healthy and financially in total;It forms a group.160 staff staff.The Group also constitutes a Para & Ccedil of Nivora Holding, which is also the Bewo cutting systems and Style CNC machines.

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