About the company

TEBBE has stood for first-rate agricultural machines for the past 60 years. The strength, precision, speed and durability of our products have made our brand known beyond our national borders, because modern agricultural operations demand powerful and efficient work machines.

This is why TEBBE manufactures agricultural machines that are unrivalled in the market with respect to power, reliability and durability. WE LISTEN. WE THINK LIKE YOU DO. WE HAVE THE SAME GOAL. Want to know what why our products are so good? Because we know the agricultural sector inside and out. Because we listen to our customers. And because we make use of our decades of experience to meet your requirements with respect to performance, efficiency, operating comfort and durability. Talks with TEBBE are always marked by professionalism, experience, candour and curiosity. For this reason, we are still able to improve our well-designed products time and again, even after many years. This is why the industry relies on our specialised solutions. Anyone who buys TEBBE can be certain that they are getting the best, most powerful and well-designed product of its time. The results have been evident on your fields for more than 60 years. .

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