About the company

KERBIRIO specialises in multi-process surface treatments. Approved by the industry's main principals, our broad variety of treatments enables us to meet all metal surfacing requirements.

Automobile and industrial processes: Alkaline zinc, Zinc-iron, Zinc-nickel, Zinc. Centrifugal lamellar process: Deltaprotekt, Zintek. Black cataphoresis Aeronautics and Special Processes: Processes for anodic oxidation of aluminium with Sulphuric Acid and Chromic Acid, Hard Anodising, Surrtec 650, Alodine, Aeronautic quality Zinc-nickel, Stainless Steel Passivation, Chemical Nickel, Electrolytic Nickel, Titanium Anodic Oxidation, Copper Plating, Tin Plating, Silver Plating, Gold Plating, Chrome Plating. Painting: Lamellar zinc spraying Deltaprotekt, Zintek, Primer, Epoxy, Powder, Heat Lacquering. Preparation and finishing: Stripping, Degreasing, Shotblasting, Sandblasting, Zinc phosphating (dry or oiled), Zinc passivation, Degassing. Additional services: Completion processes, Sorting, Packaging, Transport. .