About the company

The KRADEX company exists since 1985. We are a manufacturer of plastic housings for electronics.

We deliver our products to over 2,000 domestic and foreign clients. Our offer consists of a wide range of universal enclosures, enclosures for power supplies, remote controls, alarm control panels, multimeters, speakers, electrical modules and many others. We have our own tool shop and design office. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A CASE FOR A NEW DEVICE? We are able to design a detail for you, make an injection mold and start production of molded parts. As standard, our housings are made of polystyrene (PS) or ABS in black and light gray. Appropriate selection of materials, modern injection molding machines and proven sources of supply with raw materials result in the highest quality product at a very competitive price. We currently have 13 injection molding machines with a total average capacity of 20,000 housings per day, so we are able to quickly realize even very large orders. We are constantly expanding the range of our enclosures. We carry out individual orders in which the customer has the opportunity to choose the type of material and color (e. g. polypropylene (PP), PC ABS, Noryl). Our knowledge and technology enables us to create a molding exactly as the customer needs. We offer favorable discounts for larger orders. We guarantee continuity of production and supply of our casings and their high quality even for large quantities. URGENTLY NEED SMALL DELIVERY FOR PRODUCTION / STORE? We have storage facilities directly at the production site. With a total storage area of ​​over 1000 m2 (cubic capacity of 3000 m3), we maintain high inventory levels and thus you can be sure that every small and medium order will be processed within 24 hours. A RELIABLE PARTNER WITH MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. Thanks to many years of experience, constantly improved technology and our own production of injection molds, we are able to provide high quality products at very attractive prices. From the very beginning of the company's existence, we have our own tool shop, which allows for cost reduction and full control over the entire production process from the very beginning, as well as for very quick and efficient intervention when needed. The tool shop handles both own needs and external orders and has high-quality machines for the production of injection molds. Maintaining high inventory and continuity of production provides customers with immediate access to the range. Sophisticated customer service logistics and rapid shipping guarantee fast delivery. Over the years, thanks to the professional treatment of our clients, we have gained a strong market position, trust and respect from customers. Many large customers have become convinced of our loyalty and high quality service, thanks to which they have been faithful to us for years. At the same time, we also appreciate smaller customers and make every effort to meet their requirements. HOW DOES THE DELIVERY LOOK LIKE? We have a contract with UPS courier for daily collection of shipments from Monday to Friday at 13:30. Orders placed before 12:00 are shipped the same day. UPS delivers packages within one day after posting (packages sent on Friday reach the addressee on Monday). We have our own means of transport. We have sales representatives throughout the country and in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. WE INVITE YOU TO COOPERATE WHOLESALE AND RETAIL CUSTOMERS. .

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