About the company

FMB was founded in 1982 and was one of the first companies to offer band saw machines at a time when the market was dominated by circular saws. Since then, FMB has become a leading company in this industry, thanks to its great developing talent, researching innovative products and changing the machine to suit the customer's actual needs.

Buildings represent the best of modern design, focus on maximum practicality, and provide enough space for all departments to create a new product: engineering, production and testing. Not to mention the commercial and administrative office block, warehouse and dispatch area. Our current product range consists of 30 models with a cutting capacity from Ø 200 mm to Ø 510 mm and a complete solution set for material handling. In all these years, the basic concepts of our machines have always been the same: quality, robustness and reliability. Even today, our new models released at the end of last year have the same features and the changes they offer are only the result of technological progress. EngineeringAll of our products are the result of in-depth studies and sophisticated computer systems as well as rigorous practical trials and tests. FMB is always aware of the importance of delivering a constantly evolving machine - so we have invested heavily in our technical and engineering office. Process quality Ensures maximum quality, each component in the FMB. sawing machines are subjected to a series of strigent tests at every stage of the production material, from material, processing and treatment to finishing and assembly. Suppliers have always been carefully selected to know that the quality of a product depends on the quality of its components, all in order to guarantee the absolute quality of FMB Materials and reliability. Each machine has been extensively tested with electrical tests using special tools to check mechanical calibration and absorption rates and to detect any abnormalities. .

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