About the company

High-quality materials, elaborate workmanship and the utmost care in final assembly: quality has a long tradition at KAMEI. Our products are the best in their class - just as they are 60 years ago.

How convinced we are of the quality of our products can be seen, for example, with our roof boxes: we give you a six-year guarantee on every roof box. No other manufacturer offers this. We love the automotive aesthetics. Our roots are in automotive design. Numerous innovations in interior and exterior design can be traced back to us, such as the spoiler or the steering wheel cover. The enthusiasm for innovative design flows into our products - and we think you can see that in them. Others see it the same way: Our “Fosco” roof box recently received the “iF Design Award”. Whether in traffic or in sports: You always have to be able to fully rely on your equipment. This applies to all parts - from the XXL roof box to the smallest screw. In addition to internal quality checks, we have the safety of our products checked intensively by independent institutions such as the ADAC or TÜV. We only incorporate it into the KAMEI program if a product meets the highest safety requirements. .

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