About the company

“MAZZOLA & CO” is a small firm specialized in manufacture of automotive equipment and located inMontebello Vic. (VI), Italy.

It was founded in the nineteen sixties by Gaetano Mazzola, a machinistspecialized in manufacturing mechanical structures for automobile repair shops. His sons Maurizio and Ruggero from the second generation have worked day after day, collaborating with other companies and pursuing a policy of “expertise, security, technology, flexibility and design”, to develop high quality products that today are well-known and exported throughout the entire world. We will continue to work in the future, striving towards perfection, improving our line of products with a close eye on market needs, better satisfying our clientele. We will combine young and highly-motivated talents with our experience to make sure that “MAZZOLA & CO” remains an ideal, reliable and modern partner. .