About the company

Daniele & Giraudo is based in Vottignasco (CN), a small town near Cuneo, and since 1987 has specialized in the construction of agricultural machinery and in particular front loaders, forestry loaders, backhoes and machines for winter road maintenance.     Inspired by the future to improve the present: this is the basic concept of Daniele & Giraudo which has been operating for over twenty-five years in the agricultural and forestry sector, reaching over the years a position of considerable importance thanks to the continuous analysis of the needs of those who work every day in the agriculture and forestry sector.

  The cutting-edge technology, the remarkable knowledge of the working environment, the innovative features, a modern design combined with strength and versatility are the real flagships that differentiate a Daniele & Giraudo machine.   The recognized strengths of the company are the wide range of products, built and developed to satisfy every customer request, as well as the great ability to develop specific products tailored to the customer, from designing the first idea to obtaining the product finished.  Those who use our machines know they can count on a team of specialists able to satisfy every request, working day after day to guarantee better assistance to all the problems that the market submits, in the constant search to optimize the collaboration with the customer, to ensure growth for both.   With the great experience acquired over the years, Daniele & Giraudo places itself in a position of absolute importance both in Italy and abroad and is continuously expanding on all world markets, leveraging on fundamental concepts such as quality and robustness. with the intention of making the farmer's work easier and more productive. .

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