About the company

Tecfil is proud to have a set of the most technologically advanced equipment suitable to produce the products that the market demands. All of our equipment is produced in internationally renowned companies with great know-how in this area of ​​action.

Often, these teams are the results of a development in association between those same brands and TECFIL, resulting in products with unique characteristics adapted to the needs of each client. Quality is considered one of the main issues since the beginning of TECFIL. It was continuously a determining and important factor in defining the company's growth strategy.  From the selection of the best and most appropriate raw materials, through production equipment with a high degree of technological development. Tecfil also has a department of specialized people subject to frequent training processes, as well as a rigorous quality control cabinet that guarantees the production of our articles within the highest quality standards. In this way, we guarantee customer satisfaction through compliance with all requirements applicable to both the products supplied and the service provided. Quality is also a tool to improve the profitability of the company. Tecfil has been ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification since 2011. .

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