About the company

The company BORRELLY was founded in 1933 and has specialised since the seventies in developing and producing spring washers. Over time, it has developed numerous products and now enjoys a reputation for developing and manufacturing wave washers, Ondufil™ wave spring, Disc spring, 360™ Retaining ring, Ribbon ring, Borrelly ROB™,… The company’s policy of innovation requires the continuous development of its technology and human resources in order to offer to its customers products that are at the cutting edge of technology.

We analyse and develop technical products that meet the requirements of your specifications. Borrelly is directly involved during the design phase and is recognised by the leading companies in the fields of aeronautics, aerospace, Formula 1 and the nuclear industry whilst not forgetting industrial valves and automobiles. Spring washers are a type of spring and have a wide range of applications. Compared to a compression spring using round wire (relatively high compared to its diameter), the spring washer (relatively flat compared to its diameter) saves space and weight: identical load and deflection in one third of the space with an Ondufil™ washer. A spring washer is used therefore when a round spring is required in an element and there is space available in terms of diameter but not in terms of height. Their in-house engineering department will help you design the most suitable spring washer according to your needs: - Reduced housing - Specific environments - Cryogenic to very high temperature - Static or dynamic endurance - Current spring materials to super-alloys - Test, developments and qualifications - Prototypes, mass production, very large series. Each manufacturing phase for a product is completely done in the company factories (design and production of tooling, cutting, stamping, heat treatments). The company entered new premises near Lyon in 2001 and is certified EN9100 and ISO 9001 since 2004. .

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