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We use the world’s finest quality and longest lasting paints that do not harm human health in any way and work with the most reputable paint manufacturers in the world ( German, American, British-origin ). Pangolin Stone is an equal opportunity employer.

We do believe that workplace diversity, different cultures, different ways of thinking and different forms of work gathered around the same goal are one of the most important elements on the road to success. The health and the safety of employees, customers and guests come first and foremost in all Pangolin Stone facilities and offices. Environmentally friendly policies and production techniques are applied. Metal,glass, wood, paper, plastic and similar wastes are collected, classified and sent to recycling factories. Waste water coming out of production is treated and reused.   When it comes to manufacturing, quality is the top priority for Pangolin Stone! What we do is to measure and to control the quality at every step of production; design, raw materials selection, craftmanship, packaging and HSE. All our practices regarding our operations are first designed in our laboratories and workshops to obtain the results that are beyond expectations of our customers and public authorities that we work with. Pangolin Stone boxes are unique in the industry! Boxes are in the form of a gift box with independent cover. Since the box has a monolithic body, there is no openings underneath which require staples or banding. This feature ensures that the boxes are not deformed during transportation, horizontal-vertical carrying and provides the maximum protection for the products inside. As the covers of the boxes are made by a special technique, the extra film layer prevents the water entering the box even when the box is in contact with water for a temporary period. .

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