About the company

Geringhoff has been a part of the farm equipment industry since 1880. To this date, the company has been run as a fifth-generation family business.

Over time, many personalities have been shaping the company's image. Starting as a small-scale metal-forging and farm-equipment trade company 135 years ago, Geringhoff has since evolved into a modern, international engineering company and a key employer in its home region. Our goal has always been to make harvesting easier and to increase its. By continuously re-designing and improving our products, Geringhoff has earned a worldwide reputation for innovative technology and excellent levels of quality. Today, Geringhoff manufactures its quality products in three different locations. While its headquarters are still based in Ahlen, Germany, where the company was established in 1880, a second facility is located in the Guissen region in the north-west of Germany, not far from the Ahlen site. It serves as the central hub for shipping most of our products to the German, European, and ROW markets. At its St. Cloud, MN site in the United States, Geringhoff produces heads for the North-American market. .

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