About the company

ELECTRA Building Communications GmbH is an Austrian based and operated company, part of the ELECTRA Group, with a relevant experience in communication and security solutions for resident, apartment, office and government buildings. ELECTRA Group has more than 28 years of experience in the production of door phone and access control solutions, therefore, under the motto of "Innovation & Integration", ELECTRA Building Communications GmbH undertakes the mission to provide its customers with products of the highest quality, which meet and exceed their daily needs in business and which are also financially accessible.

Through the passion we put in our work, we have developed a sustainable and community oriented company, with a great focus on the needs of the customer. Flexibility in design and production represents one of our major strengths, as our products are 100% manufactured within the other companies of the ELECTRA Group: ELECTRA, EMS-ELECTRA and PCB-ELECTRA. Therefore, in addition to our standard product portfolio, this enables us to offer customized OEM solutions for DIY or OEM customers as well. .


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