About the company

WE ARE THE LIGHT EXPERTS. Built on decades of experience and technological advancements, we have become a beacon of light in the night.

Bringing safety and a smile to people is what has driven us all these years, and is what continues to motivate us daily. Hence, at TYC, we put a lot of focus and devotion on each one of our products in the hope that TYC will one day shine on every corner of the world. The “Vehicle Lighting Device”, our core product, regularly exceeds all customers’ expectations globally in terms of quality and performance. We are blazing forward as the company who knows, understands and delivers light.   WE LIGHT UP THE WORLD. Our mission is to provide superior, safe and more competitive automotive lighting and high performance luminaire products. In doing so, TYC is providing benefits to its customers, shareholders, employees and society as a whole. We are responsive, approachable, and react quickly to market needs. Each product is designed to be crafted with consistent fit and performance. .

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