About the company

Holding «Mogilev dairy products company «Babushkina krynka» is the biggest producer of dairy products in the Republic of Belarus. Holding company consists of 18 branches from 21 districts of Mogilev region.

All of them are connected by one policy and strategy. The main production of «Mogilev dairy products company «Babushkina krynka» are whole-milk products, cheese, butter, skimmed milk powder, dry whey, ice cream and glazed curds. Total production capacity allows to process more than 1500 tons of milk per dae. ?ompany produces more than 250 products names under brands of «Babushkina krynka», «Svezhie novosti», «Vesiolye vnuchata», «ECO GRECO», «SlavGorod» and «Tupichevskiy monastyr’». Modern technologies based on the usage of the best formulations are being employed, but at the same time the fundamental principle of only natural ingredients and fillers usage continues to be followed by. .

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